Algorithm Rolled Out: October 13, 2022

Algorithm summary: Overall Gist 

A Google Search Ranking Algorithm update has been coming long, but it finally arrived on October 13, 2022. Experts and web admins have had some SEO discussions, and the tools are starting to shine now. The update appears to have had a significant impact; however, Google has not announced the release of any updates during this period. It has been a while since we reported on an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update, but it appears that one occurred in the last 24 hours. It most likely began yesterday and is still going on today. There is some SEO buzz, and the tools are finally coming to life. Over the last day or two, you may have noticed ranking changes in Google Search. In the same timeframe, you may notice some changes in traffic from Google organic sources. Again, this is unconfirmed; Google has not yet announced any updates, as far as we know, but the signals that there was some update are based on SEO chatter and tracking tools.

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates are what they sound like.

Unconfirmed Google Algorithms are characterised by unusual volatility and fluctuations in search results. They are referred to as unconfirmed because Google has made no announcements about them, and they are typically discovered and reported by the SEO community.

When do they happen?

There is no way to assume when an unconfirmed Google algorithm update will occur. As we previously stated, Google is constantly changing. Often, these changes have no noticeable effects, but there are times when people notice the effects, such as fluctuations in rankings and traffic. Unconfirmed Google algorithm updates can occur several times per week or month.

Previous Update Confirmed

We had the helpful content update begin on August 25 and end on September 9 – it felt rushed if that. We also had the September 2022 core update begin on September 12, and the September 2022 product reviews update begin on September 20, both of which were completed on September 26 – both of which were felt more strongly. 

The last time we saw such a large shift was in September when the Product Reviews and September core updates were completed. This latest update has already increased volatility and appears to be just getting started. So brace yourself for more upheaval in the coming days.

Whether Google is turning the dial up or down needs to be clarified. However, the updates from the year’s second half appear to be aimed at correcting errors from the first half. For example, several accounts saw significant drops in SERP presence and rank following a Product Reviews update in July, only to see them return to more normal levels following the September Product Reviews update. 

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