So we had Google confirm that the October 2022 spam update was completed Friday morning, October 21st. The tracking tools and chatter were relatively mild, which makes sense for a spam update. However, the next day, on Saturday, October 22nd, we saw the renewed buzz, and the tools showed many larger swings in Google search rankings.

It’s possible that Google released a new update unrelated to the spam update or that Google told us the spam update was complete before it was. Or we have no idea what we are doing, tracking, or studying, and Google is playing a game with us all. It’s also possible that all of the tools’ reports were a day late. 

Google Tracking Services

Some screenshots from the automated Google tracking tools show movement a day or so after the Spam update is completed.

SEO Chatter

On the SEO chatter front, there needs to be more clarity now. People believe they were affected by the spam update when, in fact, they were affected by whatever update came after the spam update. I’m figuring out how to limit the new update to only those affected by the spam update. Or, as I mentioned earlier, are the two related, and Google was too quick to declare the update complete, or was the tools too slow to detect that the update was complete? 

Here’s some recent chatter from various BlackHat World threads and WebmasterWorld:

We have lost around 10% of our search traffic, most likely due to this alleged spam update.

I lost search rankings, and my new links need to be indexed; I’ve tried indexing from the search console several times and have yet to be successful!

I’m 70% backed up in traffic, and it’s truly terrifying.

90% of my traffic was lost. There is no black hat method used on this site.

What happened to my black-hat and white-hat websites that lost 90% of their traffic after being placed on the same Adsense account? 

I understand that some of my sites are not good enough and are shutting down. But this is a 3-plus-year-old completely normal white hat site, with no link building by myself, no attempts to fool Google, nothing. When I go to Google Search Console today, I see this. Thank you very much, Google.

Guys, I wonder why my traffic suddenly dropped. It is insane. 🙁 I purchased some clean guest post backlinks. I don’t know if it’s an update. What exactly is this? My website is 5 months old and used to receive 80-100 visitors per day, but now it only receives 8:(

My website was severely harmed, and nearly 90% of traffic was lost.

This spam update appeared to have been completed on Friday morning, but its aftershocks were felt the next day.

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