Algorithm Rolled Out: February 27th, 2012

Algorithm Summary: Overall Gist 

Every day, Google updates its algorithms to improve the answers to user queries. Today, we’ll talk about Google’s Venice update and how it influenced search results. By raising the frequency and volume of local hybrid results, the Venice update demonstrated to Google that users (sometimes) desired search results linked to nearby goods and services.

What is the Google Venice Update?

By relying more on the prominence of the Google main search results as a signal, this upgrade was designed to kick off local universal results. Effects of the Venice Update

It noticed numerous effects on the SERP following this update. It had only done it for local search results. With this change, Google may determine a visitor’s location based on their IP address. Working hard to improve your local search engine ranking wasn’t always easy. Before this update, you were required to base your keyword strategy on the effectiveness of localized sets of mid-to long-tail key phrase terms and to use long-tail keywords to target your local customers. However, you are no longer required to do these things to improve your local search engine ranking. Here are a few advantages of this update. 

Since this update, Google has been able to locate you. It indicates that whether or not your location is specified, local results relevant to your location are displayed when you search.

A local listing must be understood at all costs. It could easily target the local market without having much of an impact. If you are operating in various countries, it will have that effect.

It was beneficial for SEO because it could increase local traffic to your local business with little effort. It was now conceivable to draw in more search engine users who had never been to or seen your website.

After this, your extra effort to improve one’s local search engine position becomes less crucial. You must keep your website’s contact page updated with the correct location and phone number.


This algorithm improvement has not received nearly as much attention as it should have. It affects almost all search inquiries. Until you manually update the location option, Google will only allow local searches.

Businesses that seize this opportunity and put a lot of effort into optimizing for the new Local Universal results have a chance to dominate some extremely competitive markets. Big sites with many links that aren’t relevant to a location will no longer dominate. Instead, websites with localized landing pages, on-page elements, and links will now have the chance to compete with any business for those coveted rankings.  

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