Algorithm Rolled Out: August 17th, 2015

Algorithm Summary: Overall Gist 

Although Google keeps the details of its algorithm a secret, SEO experts have tested their websites to see which variables affect how likely they will show up in the snack pack.

One of the essential components is the distance from the searcher. The likelihood that a user will see your company in the snack pack increases with proximity to your location. Also important is relevance to the search terms. Google searches for companies whose categories and keywords correspond to the user’s search terms.

Google also takes into account a company’s overall notoriety. Companies with stronger backlinks, more website traffic, and higher ratings are likelier to join the snack pack than those with subpar SEO tactics.

Generally speaking, a website’s chance of showing up in the snack pack increases with better overall SEO.

What is the Google Snack Pack?

When you conduct a local search, three results are grouped and displayed on Google Maps as the Google Snack Pack. The organic findings, which are the ones that appear beneath the maps, are different from this. Because it is among the first results of a local Google search, the Snack Pack is significant.

They were making people’s lives better has long been a priority for Google. Given that mobile devices are increasingly used for access, Google has a fantastic chance to improve mobile device compatibility with its Search engine. With the Google Snack Pack, you can easily search even if your hands are full.

How to Access Google’s Snack Box

1. Focus on local SEO

Using local keywords on your website is one of the most crucial things you can do. It communicates to Google that your company is pertinent to local searchers. Ensure your titles, tags, and descriptions contain your city and state.

Produce excellent material that is pertinent to your neighborhood. It might do it by writing blog entries about local news or activities or listing the top tourist attractions in your city. Additionally, you can design pages individually for each place you work.

2. Always request feedback.

Develop your online reputation on well-known sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google. When deciding which companies to include in the Snack Pack, Google mainly depends on user feedback.

Ensure that you’re actively encouraging your clients to examine your Google listing. You can accomplish this by offering them incentives like discounts or vouchers. Your chances of being added are increased by the number of favorable reviews you have.

3. Create a mobile-friendly website.

Ensure your website is accessible to mobile users. Your site must be mobile-friendly, given that more and more individuals are conducting searches on their mobile devices. Nowadays, people prefer using their smartphones and tablets to desktop computers while looking up nearby companies.  Including Google’s snack pack is a fantastic strategy to boost your internet visibility. Most people glance at the results in the snack pack when they conduct an online search for local businesses. Although the local pack is competitive, making the top is worthwhile. Enhancing your SEO approach can get your company into the snack pack and draw in more local clients.

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