Algorithm Rolled Out: January 31, 2022

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Google announced the release of a new URL Inspection API, allowing third-party SEO programs and software to interface with one of the most popular features in. This new function will assist SEOs and publishers in discovering and debugging issues hidden within pages. The additional information offered by API-integrated technologies can aid in the resolution of difficulties much more quickly.

Introducing The All-New Google API Inspection

The Search Console APIs enable you to access data outside of Search Console via third-party applications and solutions. Developers and SEO tools are already utilizing the APIs to create unique solutions for viewing, adding, or removing properties and sitemaps, as well as running sophisticated queries on Search performance data.

With the new URL Inspection API, we’re giving developers a new tool for debugging and optimizing their pages. You can ask Search Console for information about the indexed version of a URL; the API will provide the indexed information that is presently accessible in the URL Inspection tool.

Making Use Of The New API

Check out the API developer documentation to understand how to utilize the new API. The URL to examine and the URL of the property as described in the Search Console are included in the request parameters.

The answer offers analysis findings incorporating Search Console information like as index status, AMP, rich results, and mobile usability. Read the list of parameters and the description of Indexed URL results for additional information.

Following the API call, you will receive a response including all relevant results, or an error message if the request fails. If an analysis result is absent from the answer, it indicates that the analysis was not available for the URL evaluated.

Potential Applications

We worked with several SEOs and publications while developing the new API to see how they would utilize it to generate solutions. Here are a few examples of notable use cases:

  • SEO tools and companies may give continuous monitoring for critical pages as well as single-page debugging alternatives. Checking for inconsistencies between user-declared and Google-selected canonicals, for example, or diagnosing structured data errors from a set of sites.
  • CMS and plugin developers may add insights at the page or template level, as well as continue inspections for existing pages. Monitoring changes over time for critical sites, for example, can assist detect problems and prioritizing solutions.

Limits On Usage

The developer documentation has a more complete overview of the Search Console API use restrictions. The limit for the URL Inspection API is imposed per Search Console website property (calls querying the same site):

  • 2,000 requests each day
  • 600 requests per minute


We hope that the new API will provide additional opportunities for the ecosystem to innovate with Google Search data; we are always thrilled to see the solutions that developers and SEOs create using the Search Console APIs.

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