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Google acknowledged the deployment of RankBrain, a machine learning-based search engine algorithm, on October 26, 2015. RankBrain is a part of Google’s core algorithm that determines the most relevant responses to search engine queries using machine learning (the capacity of machines to train themselves from data inputs).

RankBrain was first used on queries that Google had never seen before, which accounted for around 15% of all searches at the time and still do today. It was then broadened to affect all search results.

RankBrain is a process to lead a machine learning system that builds on Hummingbird, which shifted Google’s environment from “strings” to “things.”

Google RankBrain Update Targets

Before introducing RankBrain, Google’s core algorithm was used to choose which results to display for a particular query. Following RankBrain, it is thought that the query now runs through an interpretation model that considers elements such as the searcher’s location, customization, and query phrases to infer the searcher’s genuine purpose. Google can give more relevant results by determining this genuine purpose.

What distinguishes RankBrain from other updates is its machine learning component. Google “feeds” its data from several sources to “train” the RankBrain algorithm to deliver effective search results.

RankBrain performs two primary activities throughout the Google search ranking process:

  • It understands search requests based on keywords.
  • It measures how individuals engage with the findings and how they react to them to measure user happiness.

Algorithm Rolled Out: 26 October 2015

Algorithm Winners & Losers

This sort of “10X” approach to content production will expand the gap between winners and losers online as we move deeper into 2017 and beyond.

RankBrain will continue to improve as a machine learning system at linking difficult search queries with appropriate results. We believe that websites that score high (based on on-site SEO, link signals, etc.) but lack excellent content are the true losers. While external links and on-page SEO are still crucial, they must be accompanied by content that answers the question.

What to do about the matter?

To begin with, you can’t do anything related to content marketing online these days without a well-developed plan. Any approach that isn’t professional and dedicated will result in poor results.

Real-Time Implementation Example

The issue about RankBrain is that if it thinks the search intent of your terms has changed, it can re-adjust the SERPs. As a result, if Netflix releases a TV series with a name that sounds similar to yours, the series’ reviews will outrank yours.

History graph in SERP tracker tool

If you don’t want this to happen, keep an eye on the SERPs for your keywords at all times. The simplest approach to do so is to use Rank Tracker’s SERP History tool, which allows you to quickly notice significant changes in the SERPs for each of your keywords throughout each of your ranking checks.

RankBrain excels in deciphering difficult searches:

Query: “Shape of conversion optimization in the future of digital marketing and beyond”

Because it’s purposefully obscure, this is perhaps my favorite example. This was utilized by Al Gomez of the Content Marketing Institute in 2016.

Gomez ran a series of progressively sophisticated inquiries via Google, all of which were related to the same core concept: conversion optimization.

He began with the phrase “conversion optimization.” Then he looked up “best conversion optimization tool” on Google. “What is the best conversion optimization tool for marketers?” he tried next. Last but not least, nonsense: “the future of conversion optimization in digital marketing and beyond.”

Here’s what Google brought up for him:

Google RankBrain Algorithm

Algorithm Solution: Ideas to implement Google algorithm guidelines

1. Get specific

As stated several times on this page, Google aspires to give the most relevant, accurate, and content-rich results to searchers. Get specific in the finest ways to achieve this.

The most common flaw in today’s content is that it is too broad, resulting from not understanding your target audience well enough. Find out their top worries and produce hyper-targeted content that addresses their issues. You may also adopt a particular angle or point of view on a problem, make it your own, and offer a one-of-a-kind solution to your target market.

2. Notice visual

These days, having a nice design for your website is a given. However, as the web gets more visual and consumers become accustomed to a multimedia experience, you should not only begin to include more photos in your blog articles, but you should also consider posting video material and repurposing your most successful written content as videos.

3. Be original

This involves producing original research as part of your content and having a unique viewpoint, slant, or opinion on your sector or issue. Speak with your target audience, do an email survey, and get advice from industry insiders. Then produce fantastic content to go with it.

4. Go Social

In 2017, you must be aggressive about marketing to maximise shares and gain high-quality, natural connections. Instead of constantly churning out “excellent” content, focus your efforts on generating fewer, higher-value content pieces and promoting them fiercely.

5. Be Influential

We realize that the matter is easier said than done, but if you approach content marketing with this goal in mind, you’ll make quite different decisions regarding creating, publishing, and promoting your material. Examine how your market’s influencers position and advertise themselves. How can you approach the biggest difficulties in your industry with a fresh perspective? Is there a way to specialize your audience and become the most influential person in that niche?

Bottom Line

The algorithm then takes control, calculating and teaching itself over time to match various signals to various results and to organize search engine ranks based on these computations.

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