Algorithm Rolled Out: August 18, 2022

 Algorithm Summary: Overall Gist 

Google has just released a new search engine ranking signal called “helpful content update.” This new signal, site-wide, should appear around August 25, 2022.

Google has released a comprehensive guide to this upcoming “helpful content update.” We’ve summarized Google’s post as well as some of my tips for preparing for this upcoming algorithm update. This update is all about rewarding content that prioritizes people. According to the official website,

The helpful content update aims to reward better content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience, whereas content that fails to meet a visitor’s expectations will perform badly. Google has long advised publishers to create high-quality content while considering SEO. However, we have recently seen the increase of AI writing tools, which can generate automated content that looks real and is SEO friendly but can also provide bad advice because it is machine-generated.

At the same time, some publishers hire low-quality writers and produce only SEO-friendly content with no real value. This new signal, in our opinion, is aimed at all such content written solely for search engines and adds no real value to users like you or me. 

Why Is Google Introducing This Ranking Algorithm Change?

Google is constantly improving its systems to ensure that the web pages displayed and ranked in its search engine are as helpful and relevant to users as possible. As a people-focused search engine, Google wants website owners and content publishers to create high-quality content that meets the needs of humans rather than simply ranking on search engines through SEO. With the Helpful Content Update, Google is attempting to address a problem in search by reducing visibility for low-quality content in the SERPs and increasing rankings for content that feels authentic and useful to its users. It can be very frustrating for a user to arrive at a web page after clicking on a URL in the SERPs and not receive the information or insights they expected. At the same time, being served content that appears to have been written by a machine rather than by a person or even for a human to read degrades the Google Search experience.

This Algorithm Update’s Expected Outcomes

  • A significant change in SERPs across all website industries.
  • View more search results that contain unique, authentic information.
  • Reading the previously unseen content, you have never seen before.
  • There are fewer low-quality websites in the top SERP positions.
  • Less AI-generated content was not written by humans or intended for human consumption.
  • Backlinks have less of an impact on SEO when the ranking algorithm considers the content to be unhelpful or unsatisfying to users.
  • More content creators are putting people first rather than publishing content primarily for search engine traffic.


We hope you found this Google Helpful Content Update guide useful. As you may have guessed, this ranking algorithm update aims to reward content in the SERPs that provides a satisfying user experience while reducing visibility for content written solely to rank in search engines to attract clicks. Google wants to surface more useful content for its users, and testing has revealed that people-first, rather than search-engine-first, content is the most satisfying to its users. As a result, the more detailed, accurate, and use your content is for people, the better it should perform in Search. Stay tuned for more information!

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