Algorithm Rolled Out: June 25th, 2017

Algorithm Summary: Overall Gist 

So far this year, we’ve seen Google’s Phantom V upgrade and “Fred,” an algorithmic update whose full significance is still difficult to decipher. Another unconfirmed Google change is currently shaking the search engine results page. Beginning in the last week of June, there have been significant swings in mid-tier results, a decrease in Wikipedia visibility, and an increase in SEO visibility for numerous online dictionaries. Our theory is that there have been many upgrades that may have an impact on online marketers. Continue reading to learn about recent innovations and changes in Google search results.

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Google Update on June 25th?

According to an examination by Search Engine Journal, there is no clear pattern, but major instability was definitely around June 25th, 2017, particularly hurting the results spanning positions 6 to 10. Barry Schwartz of the Search Engine Roundtable also initially reported on an update and requested web admins to share any odd ranking changes. He placed his inquiry into the finer elements of this putative update on hold after uncovering no apparent trends.

Changes to Google’s SERPs

Enter our search parameters. We investigated’s US desktop search index and found no clear trend that would signal a large algorithm modification, although we did discover a few odd things.

The dictionary rankings are rising.

Since the beginning of the year, dictionaries’ SEO visibility has increased. While the market leader,, has stayed relatively stable, other dictionary pages have grown significantly. While there was a minor increase as early as February, we saw a continuous increase for numerous websites in this category by the end of June.

The percentages represent the rise in SEO visibility for each of the four dictionary domains throughout the three weeks from June 25th to July 16th.


The search results have shifted dramatically during the previous few weeks. However, it isn’t easy to discuss a single update that can be linked to a specific day. Several characteristics have been identified:

  • The dictionary websites’ continuous rise
  • The usage of many sources for Direct Response snippets
  • The rise of Knowledge Graph integrations has resulted in a reduction in Wikipedia’s SEO visibility and
  • Content re-evaluation and recovery for specific sorts of pages

Overall, these kinds of adjustments to the SERPs, affecting numerous domains in various ways, are to be expected given Google’s approach to the constant, real-time tuning of its algorithm, as opposed to the manual roll-out of significant Google updates that used to be the norm.

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