Algorithm Rolled Out: July 1, 2021

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Google has announced a summer update in two parts. Google’s first Core Update for 2021 is on its way, but because its developers could not complete it all at once, it will be released in two parts. The June 2021 rollout started on June 2, with the next instalment scheduled for July 2021. The Core Updates to Google’s Ranking Algorithm, as always, apply to all markets and search indices. Get all the details and analysis on Google’s hot summer of Core Updates in 2021 right here!

June/July 2021 Google Core Update: So far, we have learned the following:

Are we in for a blistering SEO summer? For 2021, Google has announced a two-part Core Update. They made significant changes to their search algorithm but could not complete everything in time for a June rollout. As a result, the first Core Update for 2021 is being released in two parts. The first phase, the June 2021 Core Update, began on the 2nd and is expected to last two weeks.

Google Core Update 2021 Impact and Analysis

Marcus Tober, the founder of Searchmetrics, has taken a closer look at the Core Update’s effects. Read this blog post’s detailed analysis of the winners and losers of the first Google Core Update in the summer of 2021. Google, why now?

Google has yet to explain why this part of the Core Update had to be released in June, even though it wouldn’t be finished until July. Why couldn’t they wait a month longer? Will website owners noticing changes now look forward to the next update, or will they sob into their keyboards in July? We’ll have to see what happens.

Websites that are dropping in rankings despite having high-quality content

Losers from the June 2021 Core Update were frequent sites with thin content or those focusing on what Google refers to as YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), i.e., websites offering recommendations on sensitive topics such as finance, law, purchase recommendations, and reviews, education, and health. This Core Update has typically harmed YMYL websites and those with thin content.

Finally, here are three things you should know about the June 2021 Core Update.

What you need to know about Marcus Tober’s Google update analysis:

The first Core Update in 2021 will be a two-part summer blockbuster. The first update was released in June, and the second will be available in July. It’s unclear why the first part of the Core Update had to be released in June before the full version in July.

Older, large websites that lost visibility for many years are frequently among the winners. Many winners lost money in previous Core Updates. On the other hand, many YMYL sites and segments that focus on topics like car/automotive news and self-development produce good content, so their losing outcomes come as a surprise. The assumption is that Google’s June update may have given too much weight to classic SEO factors, such as domain age and backlinks, or that Google has softened factors from previous Core Updates – and intends to correct these errors in the July update. As a precaution, Google has stated that it may reverse some of the changes made in the June update in the second part of the update in July. 

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