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About Us


It’s a separate domain powered by ThatWare.co to help all SEO-geeks and experts gain some knowledge and an overview of how Google had been updating its norms related to SEO and digital marketing. 

At ThatWare, we have found the urgency to help our clients understand the aspect of how Google develops its Algorithms and how it affects each aspect of your website as well as SERP as a whole. 

Being in the industry for more than 6 years, we have thus found the need to make an algorithm-only platform and help people learn and understand more about Google’s AI.

Many of us take the ability to find useful information on the World Wide Web or simply ‘www’ for granted. Sifting through all websites to find useful information is a monumental task. That is why search engines employ complex algorithms and mathematical instructions that instruct computers on how to complete tasks.

­Keyword placement influences how Google finds websites. Google’s algorithm works for you by locating Web pages that contain the keywords you entered, then setting a rank to each page based on several parameters, including the number of times the keywords appear on the page. 

Higher ranked pages appear higher up on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), implying that Google will theoretically list the best links related to your search query first.

Google’s keyword search function is comparable to that of other search engines. Spiders or crawlers are automated programmes that travel the Web, moving from link to link and compiling an index page with specific keywords. Google consults this index when a user enters a search query. The search engine returns pages containing the same keywords as the user’s search terms.

Sometimes, it curtails knowing about the latest Google algorithm updates for a smooth workflow. A person can visit our Google Updates to learn about these algorithms through our articles.

Our Team

Tuhin Banik

Tuhin Banik

CEO of ThatWare, MyDesigns, WebTool, StudySEO.io, GoogleUpdates.co | Top 100 Most Influential Tech Leaders 2022 | Enhancing SEO with AI and Semantic Engineering | Stevie, IBA, ILA Awardee | Tech Investor


Tuhin Maity

Senior SEO Manager at ThatWare || Marketing Mind 🧠 || Battling with Google Algorithms


Anjan Mukherjee

A.I. & Search Engine Optimization Expert at ThatWare LLP || Researcher at Googleupdates


Anuska Ghosh

Senior Human Resource Manager at Thatware llp || Recruiter at Googleupdates


Rajesh Roy

Operational Manager at ThatWare LLP || Galgo enthusiast


Aniruddha Pal

SEO Analyst at Thatware.co || Analyst at Googleupdates


Govinda Santra

Web Developer and UI/UX Designer at ThatWare LLP || Publisher at Googleupdates


Indrojit Das

Search Engine Optimization Specialist at ThatWare LLP || Publisher at Googleupdates


Subhajit Ghosh

SEO Strategy Manager at Thatware.co || Analyst at Googleupdates